Easy Curl Bar

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30.00 LBS


  • Versatile – This Olympic Curl Bar is made with high-quality steel. It is built to stand up to your most challenging workouts, which is why we built it to hold a max load of 450lbs. The Olympic Curl Bar is designed to challenge your limits and hold heavy weights for curls, rows, extensions, zercher squats, and more.
  • Ergonomic - The curved shaft of the Olympic Curl Bar helps you avoid injuries by reducing stress on your wrists. Using a straight curl bar can place your wrists in compromised positions, creating tension on your joint. The specially designed curves in our Bar help to reduce this strain by allowing your wrists and elbows to remain in a more natural position during exercises.
  • Strong Construction - Made of solid steel with a chromed finish; Medium depth diamond knurling for non-slip grip; Accommodates Olympic plates (2 inch center hole)
  • Buy with Confidence - Each Curl Bar is carefully tested and straightened to create just the right amount of “whip” or “flex” that is needed for Olympic lifting.